Vertical Glazing

Important notes prior to request:

Specific design producer statement documents will only be provided to architectural and/or building construction drawings specifying Metro Performance Glass glazing systems. (Read more)

The vertical glazing RFI is typically used for interior or exterior vertical glass (doors, windbreaks, partitions and windows) up to 15 degrees from vertical.

Please have all of the following information available to complete the RFI form in one session:

  1. E-mail address for recipient of PS1.
  2. Project details (street address, owner/developer, client/designer).
  3. Building Consent Authority (the form has a drop-down list).
  4. Project windzone (windzone only for buildings <10m high), or design windloads (preferably a building wind-map), or building and site drawings for wind pressure calculation.
  5. Preferred glazing system (2 or 4 edge support, structural sealant, point support, other).
  6. Confirmation of movement separation (refer NZS 4223.1:2008 Section 3.8 Building Movement).
  7. Confirmation if/where safety from a fall >1m is required.
  8. Confirmation if a facade engineer is involved.
  9. Any special architectural or acoustic requirements.
  10. Plan Elevation & fixing detail/cross section drawings.

Please note that the RFI form does not automatically save the entered information.


Some building related standards have recently been sponsored, and are available for free download from Standards NZ.